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Chapter Two

Chapter Two

I do love this place.
Merlin: (coughs) Well…

The welcome was much better before.
Mickey: Why is this here?
Merlin: Stop people entering, I presume. Let us climb…

Mickey: (gasps) Oh my gosh!!
Merlin: Yes…the power Maleficent is channelling into this place is having alarming consequences…

Merlin: We need to get closer…
Mickey: Stay here Pluto, don’t climb…

Merlin: Thorns everywhere…and not a soul in sight.
Mickey: This is terrible…

Mickey: Oh my gosh…
Merlin: Yes…there it is…a shadow of what it once was…

Mickey: Why are we here Merlin, is this where the hat is?
Merlin: No; I have returned because you will need a weapon whilst we’re traveling to different worlds. Yen Sid hid a sword inside the Castle, which is enchanted so that only the protectors of the Kingdom and the Sorcerer's Apprentice could see it. Which is myself, Yen Sid, Fairy Godmother 
Mickey: Where is the Fairy Godmother?
Merlin: I don’t know.

Merlin: Hide here; it’s best if I turn myself into a bird and fly around the castle. As soon as I see it, I’ll grab it and return here. It may present itself to you...keep your eyes open.
Mickey: How will I know?
Merlin: You will.

Voice: Pretty different, huh?

Hades: Hi, how are you doing? I’m Hades, Lord of the undead and now…untimely ruler of this little Magical Kingdom you pleasant people call home.
Mickey: I know who you are!
Hades: Ah, would you look at that. I’m famous; you know how many people just walk past and ignore me these days? Especially since the big gun that is Malefico is in control now.

Mickey: I…
Hades: A little choked there? Well…I think the “Mistress of all Evil” would be very, very unhappy to see that everyone’s most despicable MOUSE is back in the Kingdom. So me, being the friendly guy that I am, shall assist her…in disposing of you…

Mickey: What the heck?

Goon: If it isn’t Spickey the Rat…
Mickey: (gasps)

Pirate: Get him!!

Mickey: AHHH!
Pirate: HA! Come here, you little rat!!

Mickey: Is this…the sword?

Mickey: This is definitely the sword...

Mickey: Take THAT!!
Pirate: ARGH!!

Pirate: Arg!!!

Hades: Bravo…

Hades: You found the “magical sword”. Well done, you’re fantastic! But…without the hat…you will NEVER have the power.

Mickey: Take THAT!!

Hades: (laughs) Now face THIS!!!

Mickey: Uh oh…

Hades: It’s gonna take more than a sword, mousey-boy…

Hades: Oh…it’s a game of cat and mouse!

Merlin: Mickey…what…?
Mickey: Run!!!!

Merlin: Back to the portal!

Mickey: Woah! That was a close one.
Merlin: Yes…yes, well…congratulations on finding the sword.
Mickey: How come you didn’t?
Merlin: My dear boy, I may be a magician, but I’m not a map of all information. I believe though, that the sword presented itself to you for a reason…I told you it may do; so it seems you were meant to find it.

Merlin: So…here we are.
Mickey: Where is here?
Merlin: Within the deep Jungles of India, if my knowledge serves me well.

Mickey: What made you bring us here?
Merlin: We were in a hurry, I thought of the first thing that popped in my head.
Mickey: Have you been here before?
Merlin: Absolutely. Not for some time, I must admit.

Merlin: Now, we’re ready to go forward into the Jungle, but I must advise that you stay near me at all times. If my memory serves me well, this jungle is the home to a lot of creatures, some of them are very terrifying. Given the present situation, I believe the dangers in here will be a far greater risk. So keep still and don’t wander off. That goes for you too, Mickey.

Mickey: I hope Minnie and the others are okay.
Merlin: I did not see them on my travels around the Magic Kingdom. I don’t know where they could have ended up. Keep up, foolish dog!
Mickey: Come on boy! Oh darn, I left my car…
Merlin: You will learn through this adventure that materialistic possessions will have to be put on hold for the time being. I’ll conjure you a new car when it’s all over.

Voice: Help me!!
Mickey: What is that?
Merlin: Could be anything…

Baloo: Heey…you guys sure took a long time to come.
Mickey: You’re a bear.
Baloo: That’s right and you’re a mouse and you…you’re a hairy man from the man-village?

Merlin: Ahem…well…yes, I suppose I am.
Mickey: How come you’re caged?
Baloo: Been a strange couple of days. Men with red fire came into the jungle recently and started marching all over the place. I found myself being hunted by someone; eventually he caught me and kept saying that I was to be taken to some house before being shipped to another house with a weird name.
Mickey: What name?
Baloo: The house of…De Ville?
Mickey: De Ville!!
Merlin: That wench is up to her old tricks again, I see. My dear fellow, I believe you were being hunted for your fur.
Baloo: Strange. But then again, there’s only ever been one man that I’ve been able to trust.
Merlin: Well you’re about to find another – I take it we need a key for this contraption?
Baloo: Yah! But man aren’t exactly intelligent. They keep the key around here, for some Sorcerer and this De Ville woman. It's somewhere in the jungle, I think. Most of the animals have scarpered because they’re too scared of man and the red flower.
Merlin: Then we shall find the key! Let’s split up…stay close to this area though. It should be safe with no wild animals wondering around.

Mickey: Hmm…

Merlin: This jungle is too quiet…

Mickey: Found it! I think this could be it…

Baloo: That’s the one.

Baloo: Thanks guys! You two sure helped out old Baloo.
Merlin: I think you’ve been saved from a fate worse than death, my friend.
Baloo: How do you mean?
Merlin: Anything connected to Miss De Ville is never good; she’s notorious for destroying any animal that comes in her path.

Mickey: Wow! Where’s Pluto! (shouts) PLUTO!!!

Merlin: That dog is a menace!
Baloo: Dog…isn’t that the creature that this De Ville woman looks for?
Merlin: No animals are safe…
Baloo: And your dog has gone missing?
Mickey: He should be here somewhere…

Baloo: My friends…I think I know someone who may have taken your dog friend.
Merlin: Who?
Mickey: Who?
Baloo: Follow me…

Baloo: Stick by Baloo, I'll get you in here without a hitch!
Merlin: Where is it we're going?
Baloo: There's only one person who could have taken your little pet...King Louie...


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