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Chapter One

Chapter One

Merlin: “The Kingdom was Magic. That’s what people used to say when they visited our beloved Magic Kingdom. The beautiful street’s gleamed in the day and glistened at night. Many people flock from around the world to share in the splendid pleasure they receive from the magic possessed inside the Kingdom…”

Merlin: “But the what the people didn’t know was that the magic they felt was real. Deep inside the large, towering Castle was a magical hat; it belonged to the Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom. The hat contained all kinds of power which, if used correctly would provide the user of the hat with extraordinary powers. Powers to provide Kingdom visitors with the ability to fulfil their greatest wishes…”

Merlin: “And meet some rather extraordinary characters…”

 Minnie: Thank you, thank you!

Merlin: “Where there was great power though…there was great evil. The evil forces attempted to obtain the power at every opportunity they could get. Every attempt had so far failed…until now…”

Man: RUUUUN!!!

 Woman: Everyone run!!
(distant screams could be heard)

 Merlin: “The dragon had arrived…bringing with her…destruction and great evil.”

Maleficent: Well, well…another party which I was invited to.

Maleficent: How wonderful…

Maleficent: Listen well, all of you! Bringing evil to the Kingdom as I request; bring forth my frightfully evil guests!

Maleficent: Impress us, oh Pirate, from a far-away land; strike fear in our hearts, with a Hook for a hand!

Captain Hook: Destroy this Kingdom, you scurvy billdrats!

Teenager: (yells) Help us!

Captain Hook: Me crew will tear this place apart.
Maleficent: Indeed…
Captain Hook: What is this green light?
Maleficent: A spell, to allow you to walk on this magical ground.

Maleficent: We invite you to compel, here a slithering snake, with a sorcerer’s power to give but not take!

Our time has come; the Kingdom is ours!
Maleficent: Not quite…

Maleficent: Come and inspire, with devious plots; a desire for fur all covered in spots!

Cruella: Good morning darlings!
Maleficent: Welcome Cruella…

Maleficent: Come now, oh Queen, by power and right; bring poison apples that give us a fright!

Jafar: That is it, our group is complete.
Maleficent: Yes. We are all here. Now my friends, let us complete what we came here to do.
Jafar: There could be guards inside the castle.
Maleficent: Leave them to me…

Cruella: Eurgh! It’s horrid!!
Evil Queen: Not the place for fairest in the land.
Maleficent: Homes can be changed to suit our own desires.
Guard: STOP!!!

Guard 1: Stop! In the name of Yen Sid!!

Guards: ARGH!!!!!

Maleficent: It should be here…

Fairy Godmother: STOP! I won’t let you past. As one of the protectors of the Castle, it’s my duty to prevent this from happening.
Maleficent: My dear, don’t you have a pumpkin to turn into a carriage?
Fairy Godmother: Evil will never win, Maleficent! You will be defeated; this castle only contains the power of Good…
Maleficent: Wrong! The power inside of these walls are protected by whatever is in that room behind you, now, step aside.
Fairy Godmother: You will not enter that room.
Maleficent: Fine…

Maleficent: Bibbidi…

Maleficent: Bobbidi…

Maleficent: Boo!!

Jafar: Well…where is it?
Maleficent: It should be here…

Captain Hook: Search the entire Castle.
Jafar: It could be hidden.
Cruella: How hard is it to find an old hat?
Maleficent: It depends what spells are hiding it.

Maleficent: Power so strong, with my claws, sharp as a cat; bring forth what is hidden, the Sorcerer’s Hat!

Captain Hook: It didn’t work.
Jafar: Well then…where is the hat?
Maleficent: Taken…possibly hidden somewhere by the Sorcerer’s that protect it.
Cruella: So…what now?

Maleficent: Listen well all of you…

Maleficent: A new dawn has arrived! The time has come for us to rise and take back what is ours!
For too long now the power of Good has ruled these lands, defeating all our wants and desires – well no longer…

Maleficent: Go to your lands; conquer your enemies; defeat the people who prevent you from gaining what you wish to succeed! The tables have turned and as of this moment on…this Magic Kingdom is now…

Maleficent: MINE!

Villains: (cheer)

Maleficent: I need you to stay here and be my eyes; the Kingdom will be in your command until that time.

Hades: Hey, you know me babe, I’m up for anything. Big speech though…considering you don’t even have the hat yet; also…what’s with this green stuff I’m glowing with?
Maleficent: The hat will be in possession soon enough; that is where I am going, to find where it is. Our kind cannot enter this Kingdom unless we have the hat, so my power must protect us until I find it.
Hades: Cool, as long as we don’t have some wacky sorcerer’s showing up any time soon we should be fine.
Maleficent: I will destroy anyone that gets in my way…have fun, Hades.

Maleficent: Far too pleasant…

Maleficent: Much better.

Minnie: What do we do?
Donald: Let me at em…
Goofy: Gawrsh! The Kingdom sure looks different.
Minnie: What does this mean for everyone?

Merlin: This has gone far enough…we need help…

Merlin: The Kingdom was in great peril; how they had entered was baffling to most people. Things weren’t always like this, I remember the days when the Kingdom was thriving with all good power and magic. These were the days when Yen Sid was around, when he kept a check on the Kingdom at all times. His apprentice was equally responsible for bringing the happiness to the Kingdom. But over the years, the apprentice began heavily messing with the power Yen Sid possessed and caused a loved one some harm…since then, the apprentice banished himself into exile and had vowed never to step foot in the Kingdom again, or use magic again…

Mickey: …Oh boy!! I sure love these cartoons.

Mickey: That rabbit sure gets up to lots of trouble! Anyway, I have work to do…

Pluto: Woof!
What is it Pluto? You hungry?

Mickey: Hmmm, we need another box of vegetables for the Church meeting later; it’s back to work for us, Pluto.

Mickey: Let’s go and feed Donald and Goofy first, shall we?

Mickey: Hi Donald, you look exceptionally grumpy today. Goofy…where is he?
Pluto: Woof!
Mickey: Oh, he’s behind there! Come on, I’ll get you some food, pals…

Pluto: (sniffs)


Pluto: (barking frantically)
Mickey: What is it boy?

Mickey: What is that?!


Merlin: Mickey…it’s good to see you.
Mickey: Merlin, what are you doing here?
Merlin: We need to talk, old friend.

Mickey: What is it?
Merlin: Can we go somewhere quieter?

Merlin: Ahem…you seem quite settled here.
Mickey: It sure is fun enjoying the countryside with Pluto. The animals enjoy themselves on the farm too. Merlin: Splendid.
Mickey: It can get quiet though, but I enjoy my own company.
Merlin: Great.
Mickey: So…I’m enjoying life.
Merlin: Mickey…there is a reason I’m here. The Kingdom is in great danger…
Mickey: I thought it was protected?
Merlin: The forces of evil have discovered the identity of the power; the hat. Mickey, they’re searching for it.
Mickey: I thought it was in the Castle?
Merlin: No, Yen Sid took it when he left, he feared the evil power rising at the Forbidden Fortress.
Mickey: He always did.
Merlin: Mickey…we need to find it before it’s too late.
Mickey: I can’t; I can’t go back to that life…
Merlin: I know what happened, Mickey. I know why you’re here…but Minnie…she’s in danger too.
Mickey: How?!
Merlin: Held captive…captured by the darkness that’s invaded the Magic Kingdom.

Mickey: (sighs) The reason I left was because I didn’t want to hurt her.
Merlin: I know everything that happened…but it wasn’t your fault. You were still learning…
Mickey: I promised I’d never go back Merlin; I like my life here.
Merlin: This place will cease to exist if Maleficent finds the hat Mickey. Become who you were meant to be, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Mickey: I don’t even know where the hat is?
Merlin: Me neither, but we need to return to Magic Kingdom first. On this journey you may encounter a lot of peril; there are people out there who mean to do you serious harm…just a warning...

Mickey: I’ll go and pack…
Merlin: Ahem…hang fire…

Mickey: What?
Merlin: Never underestimate a Wizard…ahem…”Higitus Figitus Zumba, ka, zing…”

Merlin: “I want your attention every thing! We’re packing to leave; come on let’s go…”

Mickey: Oh boy…

Merlin: “Hockety, pocket, wockety, wack! Abra, cabra, dabra, dack; Shrink in size, very small; we’ve got to save enough room for all”

Merlin: “Higitus, Figitus, Migitus, mum – Prestidigitorium!!”
Mickey: Oh boy; that was fun.

Merlin: That should do.
Mickey: You packed the sink?
Merlin: I tend to get peckish on the road, something about travelling I think.

Merlin: Now, let’s think about this…transport…
Mickey: I have a car…

Mickey: I do love my car.
Merlin: Fascinating. You know I saw these contraptions 400 years before they were made, you know? Soon…they will fit two people…not one.
Mickey: I don’t have another…
Merlin: My dear boy…

Merlin: May I remind you once again…that I am a Wizard!

Merlin: Prestidigitorium! Adlio Chango!!

Merlin: How do I look?
Mickey: Erm…great.
Merlin: I always find it very comfortable being a car, it’s the tires I think.
Mickey: (chuckles)
Merlin: Just drive and the portal shall appear with the sound of my spell!



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